Doughnuts and some running

This week was rather fun. I only managed two runs but I really enjoyed them, plus I got to the gym.

So Monday I went to my Pilates class. I do miss it when I can’t go, even though some of the moves are really hard and I ache afterwards. This week wasn’t so bad but it was surprisingly busy.

Tuesday was a nice 4k run lunchtime run with my work’s running group. We had a mixed ability group running with us so I stayed near the back and did a bit more walking than I usually do.

Wednesday was my club night and we had a very dark run along the canal. I joked about people not falling in but I do worry about that happening, especially in the dark, so I think I might avoid the canal until it gets lighter.

Friday I got to the gym and did a lot of strength work. I used the rowing machine for the first time which gave me a good workout and then did a set on the upper body resistance machines. I ended my session by doing some plank/downward dog combos which was quite exhausting. 

I’m including my visit to the Animal Aid Christmas Fayre in my round up this week. It didn’t involve any running or exercise (although the I did watch the press up competition!) but I did meet a lot of Vegan Runners members so we talked about running a lot! 

Doughnuts from Pomodoro E Basilico

I must admit that a lot of cake was eaten, both by me and fellow VRUK members. I mean who could say no to things like vegan Boston creme doughnuts, brownies or strawberry slices? I also sampled quite a lot of chocolate and can highly recommend the delicious salted peanut white chocolate bar from Solkiki.

So how was your week running? Did you do any Christmas related activities? Did you eat a lot of cake like I did?

This weekly wrap up is part of the link up with HoHo Runs and MissSippiPiddlin.


  • HoHo Runs

    Is that a beetroot donut? Perhaps I don’t know what beetroot is… I have never used a rowing machine but would imagine it to be an incredible workout. I’ve got to start going to the gym! I could easily do that at lunch, but I just sit at work and work. I didn’t eat any cake this week, but I did have some of those yummy iced bakery cookies. I appreciate you linking up with us again Nicola. I hope you’ll make it a habit! Enjoy your week.

    • Nicola

      I think beetroot is just called beets in the States. They’re a dark red/purple root vegetable. I’ve seen them used in chocolate cake before but never in a doughnut. Of course, I had to have one to see what it tasted like! It made the dough red but I couldn’t really taste it, just the orange.

      I’m definitely going to use the rowing machine again. The machine at my gym is right in front of the mirror which was good as I could check to make sure I wasn’t slumping and was keeping my back straight.

      Maybe a new year resolution could be go to the gym at lunchtime once a week? It’s good to get away from the desk and do something more active.

  • Tricia @ MissSippiPiddlin

    Hummm those donuts look wonderful! I’m afraid I did have a sweet tooth this weekend especially. I had first off ice cream on the way to Memphis then we got homemade fudge oh my it was so good. Plus I snacked on M&M’s left over from our FL trip the weekend before. I’ve got to get that sweet tooth under control too! Thanks for linking up with us again this week, I enjoy reading what your up too!

    • Nicola

      I find this time of year it is very easy to eat a lot of sweet things. The problem I have is I’m the only one with a sweet tooth in my house. So if I bake anything I end up eating it all!

  • Marcia

    You had a fun week! Personally I enjoy the rower but I don’t use it nearly enough. Did someone say donuts??

    • Nicola

      I definitely will be using the rower again. I really felt it the next day!

  • Debra @HappyRunningSole

    Those donuts look delicious! I had banana oreo icecream in Memphis after my marathon. I don’t usually venture out with flavors, but it was actually pretty yummy!

    • Nicola

      Custard is usually as adventurous as I get. Most doughnuts in the UK are jam filled (jelly) with lots of sugar on them.

  • Runaway Bridal Planner

    Love the new blog look! (Only because you asked on FB, the only thing I see missing are your follow buttons.)
    You’ve had a great fun week, I only just recently got caught up with my Christmas stuff so I can now enjoy the holidays. That is awesome that you have a group you run with on your lunch break!!!

    • Nicola

      Thank you for visiting and for your comment.

      I’ll add the follow buttons this weekend.

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Doughnuts and some running

Doughnuts and some running

This week was rather fun. I only managed two runs but I really enjoyed them, plus I got to the gym. So Monday I went to my Pilates class. I do miss it when I can’t go, even though some of the moves are really hard and I ache afterwards. This week wasn’t so bad…

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