Pure Lime Moulded Sports Bra


Way back in June the sports bra specialist Less Bounce emailed their customers to ask if anyone wanted to review the new Pure Lime Moulded Sports Bra. I jumped at the chance, entered my name and was one of the lucky customers picked for the job.

The review was for their website but I thought I would review the bra here as well. As part of the review I was sent the bra for free by Less Bounce but you can be assured that this review contains my honest opinion!

The Pure Lime Moulded Sports Bra is different from my other bras as it has moulded cups. This means that the fit of the cups might be a bit tricky for some. I was first sent a 32b, which is the size I wear in my usual Berlei sports bra, however the cups were too big for me so I sent it back for a 32a which fitted perfectly. 

Pure Lime Sports bra

To put this bra through the test I wore it whilst running, doing Pilates, at the gym and in my Body Pump class. I found it very supportive and very comfortable in all these activities, so much so that it was the bra I wore when I trained for and ran the Trailffest half marathon.

As you can see the straps are quite wide which means they are very comfortable and do not dig in.

The other feature of this bra that I like is the ability to change from normal straps to a racer back really easily.

Pure Lime Moulded Sports Bra back
With normal straps
Pure Lime Moulded Sports Bra Racer Back
With racer back using the easy hook
Pure Lime Moulded Sports Bra Racer back close up
Close up of the racer back hook

I haven’t used the racer back option that much as I don’t have many racer back vests, however when I did I found it comfortable. The hook doesn’t dig in and isn’t too high up the back.


The only down side with this bra is that the straps can become a bit lose after washing. The adjusting slides seem to slide a bit in the wash so I need to remember to adjust them back to make sure it fits well. 

Less Bounce recommend that this bra is worn for high impact sports such as running only up to a B cup. For C cups and above they only recommend it for medium impact activities. 

The Pure Lime Moulded Sports Bra costs £37, which seems to be an average price for a sport bra, and is available in black, white and pink. 

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