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Trying something new

A rather steady 5k!

Weekly round up

Not much running this week as car trouble meant I missed my club night. However, I did manage to get to my local parkrun for the first time since before Christmas! The parkrun organisers had asked everyone to wear red for Valentines day and had free cake in a tent for afters. I wore a short sleeved red top but it was too cold not to wear my jacket over the top so I wasn’t very red as I was running but it was nice to see everyone else sporting red tops, bottoms, hats and socks.

I arrived later than I like to which meant I didn’t have a chance to do much of a warm up, so I decided to not aim for speed but for a steady run. I didn’t keep an eye on my Garmin, rather I tried to listen to my body and just keep it going nice and steady. I didn’t feel that I was pushing myself that much, just keeping a really good pace. So I was really rather shocked that I completed it in 27 minutes 31 seconds, just 9 seconds from a PB! I definitely put that down to all my interval training and am now wondering what the effect will be on the 10k I am doing next week.

On a side note, I didn’t have any cake afterwards (I just presumed it wouldn’t be vegan) but was a bit perplexed that they had British Heart Foundation leaflets at the stall. I’m not sure if it was just an awareness campaign or if they were collecting donations but I’m always amazed at how some charities fundraise by getting people to do things that will cause the problem, ie eat cake and help combat heart disease, or eat barbequed meat and cure cancer. Seems a bit of a mixed message.

Body Attack poster from Les Mills NZ

The trying something new part I did this week was a Body Attack class. It is billed as a strength and cardio workout but apart from that I had no idea what to expect. What it turned out to be is 60 minutes of non-stop movement to weird thumping music with the instructor motivating you not to stop. After the first 15 minutes of jogging on the spot, high knees, jumping jacks and so on I did wonder if I was going to get through the rest of the class. Half way through you do the strength training part which consists of push ups and squats, which is a bit of a rest from the cardio.

The whole work out was hard work but the instructor kept giving modifications to each exercise so I could go at my own pace. I’m never quite sure about slightly bonkers sounding class instructors shouting at you to keep going and giving you high 5s, but this one was actually quite encouraging and not as scary as I thought she might be.

I’m not sure I can say I enjoyed it but it was a really good work out and I felt really pleased to have finished and not stopped. So much so that I have already booked in for next week and I might even try some of the other classes at the gym.

Have you tried any of these crazy sounding classes?

New blog name Running Happy

  I’m now blogging at Running Happy (runninghappy.co.uk) so please pop on over and bookmark the new address. If you follow me through Bloglovin’ or if you are subscribed through my newsletter you don’t have to do anything as I’ve done all the hard work for you. Why the change of name? Since taking part in…

Doughnuts and some running

Doughnuts and some running

This week was rather fun. I only managed two runs but I really enjoyed them, plus I got to the gym. So Monday I went to my Pilates class. I do miss it when I can’t go, even though some of the moves are really hard and I ache afterwards. This week wasn’t so bad…

End of November

End of November

  I’ve not done a weekly roundup since finishing my Trailffest training. To be honest I’ve not been that regular with my runs or workouts since the start of October. I’ve still managed at least two runs a week but these have been shorter ones with the Start to Run course and my lunchtime running…