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Back on track

Weekly Round Up

After training for and running Vertical Rush I now feel back on track with my running. For the first time in quite a long time I managed to do three runs this week, plus my Pilates class. Must be something to do with the weather, the sunshine and blue skies is making me want to get out more.

My first run of the week was with my running club on Wednesday. As the weather had been so lovely all day I didn’t really fancy running on the road for an interval session, so instead joined our bridging group who were doing a 5 mile off road route. Even though it was dark it was so nice to be running through the woods and fields and I can’t wait for the evenings to get lighter so I can see the beautiful countryside I am running through.

My second run was a new experience for me as I decided to do my interval session on the 400m running track at my gym. I’ve never ran on a track before. We didn’t have one at school, instead we were made to run in the local park and suffer the cat calls from boys bunking off and smoking by the benches. Not really something that encourages you to run or enjoy it!

I started with a short warm up on the static bicycle indoors before venturing outside. I decided to do a sort of pyramid of 400m, 2 x 800m, then 400m. I really pushed myself but I was still surprised to be running at around 7 minutes per mile for each loop. I imagine the softer, springy surface really helps with speed so this is definitely something I am going to do regularly. It’s a great bonus to have access to a track as I don’t think many gyms have them.

My third run was parkrun with my mum. This is the second time we’ve run parkrun together and this time she came to my local one, so it was a new route for her. My mum is trying to get her 5k time down to 30 minutes so we decided to try and aim for as close to 31 minutes as we could. We started a bit too far at the back as we got stuck behind the 34 minute pacer for a little while. Once the path got wider we managed to overtake her and keep quite a steady pace.

We ended up running the 5k in 31 minutes and 27 seconds and I think we may have got it closer to 31 minutes if we had started ahead of the 34 min pacer. I don’t think it’ll be long now before my mum is running 5k in 30 mins.

So all in all a good week of running for me and I’m all raring to go for next week.

New blog name Running Happy

  I’m now blogging at Running Happy (runninghappy.co.uk) so please pop on over and bookmark the new address. If you follow me through Bloglovin’ or if you are subscribed through my newsletter you don’t have to do anything as I’ve done all the hard work for you. Why the change of name? Since taking part in…

Doughnuts and some running

Doughnuts and some running

This week was rather fun. I only managed two runs but I really enjoyed them, plus I got to the gym. So Monday I went to my Pilates class. I do miss it when I can’t go, even though some of the moves are really hard and I ache afterwards. This week wasn’t so bad…

End of November

End of November

  I’ve not done a weekly roundup since finishing my Trailffest training. To be honest I’ve not been that regular with my runs or workouts since the start of October. I’ve still managed at least two runs a week but these have been shorter ones with the Start to Run course and my lunchtime running…