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Art in unexpected places

Weekly round up

selfie with gorilla statue

I managed some good runs this week, despite the cold and frost.

Wednesday was my regular club night and I joined the ‘Wintervals’ group for more 800m repeats. This is exactly the same routine as two weeks ago, a warm up run, then 800m repeats, followed by a cool down. I wanted to do the same amount of repeats as before (four) and do them at the same pace or a little faster.

Well I managed both! Four repeats with two of them at a 7.44 minute per mile pace, a whole five seconds faster than before! It may seem a small improvement but it felt easier than before so I was really pleased. In total we ran 3.75 miles in just under 34 minutes.

My second run was on one of my favourite routes. It’s all on footpaths and trails and goes through farmland. It’s a bit muddy at this time of year but most of the paths are dirt tracks, it’s only through the cow field that you get the real mud (and no doubt some pats mixed in!). But the route also goes past the Rothschild archive which is a rather nice building with some unexpected gorillas!

The first is carrying a large fish and can be seen looming behind me in the photo above. The second is rather more contemplative, admiring himself in a mirror, floating on a pond.

gorilla and mirror

I always stop to admire the gorillas when I run this way. It’d be rude not to!

What are your favourite routes to run, any with unexpected wildlife?


New blog name Running Happy

  I’m now blogging at Running Happy (runninghappy.co.uk) so please pop on over and bookmark the new address. If you follow me through Bloglovin’ or if you are subscribed through my newsletter you don’t have to do anything as I’ve done all the hard work for you. Why the change of name? Since taking part in…

Doughnuts and some running

Doughnuts and some running

This week was rather fun. I only managed two runs but I really enjoyed them, plus I got to the gym. So Monday I went to my Pilates class. I do miss it when I can’t go, even though some of the moves are really hard and I ache afterwards. This week wasn’t so bad…

End of November

End of November

  I’ve not done a weekly roundup since finishing my Trailffest training. To be honest I’ve not been that regular with my runs or workouts since the start of October. I’ve still managed at least two runs a week but these have been shorter ones with the Start to Run course and my lunchtime running…