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Vegan Month of Food 2015


Tomorrow is the 1st of September so that means it’s the start of the Vegan Month of Food!

Last year I joined in even though I’d only just started blogging and didn’t really have a theme (most blogs had a theme for the Vegan Mofo). I enjoyed trying out new recipes, posting reviews of vegan restaurants and finding some really interesting new blogs to follow.

I wanted to take part again this year but still didn’t have a theme so I was pleased to see they’ve changed things around a little.

Rather than having themes the folks at Vegan Mofo have given 30 prompts for everyone to post about. The prompts are quite fun and should make some good reading. I’m not planning to do every prompt, I mean I have no opinion on the taco vs burittos debate, but I am going to try to do most of them.

I’ll still be posting my training updates and other running related posts, especially as the Trailffest half marathon happens at the end of the month, but the majority of my September will be food related.

I hope you enjoy it, maybe try some new vegan recipes and find some new vegan blogs to follow.

Are you taking part in Vegan Mofo? Let me know in the comments and I’ll be sure to follow you.

New blog name Running Happy

  I’m now blogging at Running Happy (runninghappy.co.uk) so please pop on over and bookmark the new address. If you follow me through Bloglovin’ or if you are subscribed through my newsletter you don’t have to do anything as I’ve done all the hard work for you. Why the change of name? Since taking part in…

Doughnuts and some running

Doughnuts and some running

This week was rather fun. I only managed two runs but I really enjoyed them, plus I got to the gym. So Monday I went to my Pilates class. I do miss it when I can’t go, even though some of the moves are really hard and I ache afterwards. This week wasn’t so bad…

End of November

End of November

  I’ve not done a weekly roundup since finishing my Trailffest training. To be honest I’ve not been that regular with my runs or workouts since the start of October. I’ve still managed at least two runs a week but these have been shorter ones with the Start to Run course and my lunchtime running…