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Vegan Runners Virtual Race

VR2 Header

On Sunday 1 November I ran my first ever virtual race, the VR2 organised by my club Vegan Runners UK.

You may ask what is a virtual race? It is a race that can be run in any place and anywhere in the world. You can run it on your own or in a group and the distance you run is set by the race organisers. There can be a set starting time or not so each virtual race is different.

The VR2 was something I initiated and have been working on with a small committee since May. As we are a national club there aren’t many events that the whole club can get involved in and a virtual race seemed a perfect way to get everyone together. 1 November was chosen as the date as it is World Vegan Day and it was decided that all the profits from the race would go to Tower Hill Animal Sanctuary, so it was a lovely way for us runners to support the vegan community as a whole.Great Union Canal

For the race we asked everyone to run at least 5k, but they could do more, and they could start at any time. The only thing we insisted on was that all participants must be vegan on the day. There have been some lovely reports coming in, including many new runners who ran the 5k distance for the first time.

So how was my race?

I wanted to organise a group run on the day but unfortunately that didn’t go to plan. So in the end I ran with a smaller group of just me and my parents. We ran in Tring along the Great Western canal towpaths and set off just before midday.

Tring reservoir

Although the day started with heavy mist it quickly disappeared and turned into an absolutely gorgeous November day with blue skies and brilliant sunshine. It was really great being out on the towpaths, wearing my Vegan Runners vest and just having a fantastic time knowing that there were others doing the same as me.


Although it was officially a ‘race’ we weren’t racing, instead we took plenty of stops to enjoy the view and take photos. We didn’t set off with a distance in mind, so we carried on the towpaths for as long as we felt like it. My dad had pull a muscle earlier this week so after 2.5 miles he decided to turn back and wait for us in a convenient canal side pub we had passed.

So me and my mum carried on for another half mile or so until we reached a bridge where the towpath was slightly flooded. At this point we sat on one of the locks and enjoyed the late autumn sun before heading back.


We ran just under 5 miles by the time we joined my dad at the pub for a well-earned shandy. Afterwards we found a picnic spot to have sandwiches and the all important vegan cake! You have to have cake on World Vegan Day after all!



I really enjoyed the run. We were raising money for a great cause, encouraging people to go vegan for the day and getting people out and about together.

Would I do it again? Of course! Would I recommend a virtual race. Yes indeedy!

Did you run the VR2? I’d love to hear from you if you did.

Have you ever run a virtual race? What did you think?

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